The HandFree

Bags are accessories that everyone needs. They are the cornerstone of your style.

At The HandFree, we bring you the latest fashionable bags at unbeatable prices.


Our History

Fashion is central to the history of The HandFree. 

Indeed, we believe that no accessory should be overlooked, and bags are too often overlooked. 

That’s why we have created our brand around this accessory, so that our customers can perfect their outfits in style. 

A desire? A category!

Our Women’s Collection

Women are naturally the base of our customer base. They like to perfect their outfits with style, and that is exactly what we offer them in this category. 

Our Men’s Collection

Contrary to popular belief, bags are not just for women. 

Discover our collection of men’s bags and find the one that’s right for you. 

Our best-sellers

These are the products our customers are most fond of. Perhaps you will find your happiness there? 

Italian style class

Italy is the world’s fashion nerve centre. Get inspired by Italian style and stand out from the crowd without breaking your wallet.